I am currently living in Pattensen, Germany, a suburb of the large city of Hannover.  Here in Germany I am conducting a self-directed research project on the extensive use of bicycles as transportation in Northern Europe to further my education in urban design.  Also, in order to fund my stay and project, a decided to live and work as an au pair.  Basically, I live with an awesome host family and watch over their two boys, 8 and 10, for room and board, food, and a weekly paycheck (a very cool setup).  Pattensen is a town with a population of 14,000 people, while Hannover is a large city upwards of 500,000 that is accessible by car (20 min), bus (30 mins), and bike (45 mins).  Here are some pictures of Pattensen and the surrounding countryside I took while on a bike ride.

This is the street (straße) that I live on in Pattensen.

Bike paths and trails once you leave the town.  Each town is connected by paved bike paths with signage, or you can choose to go on the side paths which are gravel.

More bike trails.

Typical treelined road through the fields

Raps – a flowering plant seen in abundance all over Germany.

Windfarms – everywhere in every direction you look


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