Krka National Park

So after a 2 month break of traveling and collecting pictures and stories, I’m back!  This summer I traveled extensively through Croatia and Italy, along with other trips to Paris, Munich, Prague, and Copenhagen.

I will start out in Croatia, one of the first stops I made on my trip.  Last year I stayed in Dubrovnik, but this time I spent a week in Split to attend the first Ultra Music Festival in Europe.  While there is much to do in Split, a popular and easily accessible day trip is to Krka National Park.  It takes about an hour and a half to two hours by car/bus to a small town, where you board a ferry that takes you on another 30 minute ride to the actual park.  I was blown away by the actual size of the park and the waterfalls – it is huge!  The waterfalls and streams continue far up the mountains and the park path only seems to give you a preview of what is really out there.  And yes the water really is the color it is in the photos, an amazing aqua green!  I highly recommend this day trip to anyone in the area.  Keep a lookout for my posts in the next few days/weeks, there will be many to come!

 View of the river that the ferries take you on to access the park.


Once inside the park (after you pay admission of course), this is your first view of the waterfalls.  I highly recommend going during the summer when the water is warm enough to swim.  Krka is special as opposed to Plitvice Lakes, another park in Croatia, which does not allow you to swim in the water.

The park has an amazing boardwalk/raised-bridge system built through its entirety.  From the main entrance you can walk through the entire park on the looped path, but be prepared to climb some stairs at the beginning and end.  The whole walk takes around 1 – 2 hours depending on your pace.

The walk through the forest on the boardwalk is amazing.  The water seems to go on forever, flowing out of every break in the vegetation.  Everything funnels down to the main falls where you can swim.

During the walk, you will see thousands of fish, facing against the current looking for food.  Every pool that you walk over and look down into, you will almost certainly see a small group of these 6 inch – 1 foot fish.

Proof that I swam in the water.  A perfect, cooling end to a day of hiking throughout the magnificent park.


7 responses to “Krka National Park

  1. amazingly beautiful!! wish i could walk around that park. do they have food and drinks along the way. always thinking about eating. i am so glad you inclosed a photo of you. miss you much, nana


  2. Wow this place is gorgeous! I’ve been to Dubrovnik and Split but never to a place so beautiful. I was quite impressed with the historical landmarks in both cities but I never imagined what the parks look like. Next time I make it there, I have to see this waterfall and walk around the raised walkways. Wonderful pictures on your post. Good job!

    • Yes it’s amazing! I think Plitvice Lakes has more of the same, but you can’t swim in them. Krka was also reasonably close to Split, so it was an easy day trip.

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