Split + Hvar

If you are searching for paradise in Europe, then look no further than Croatia.  Once a hidden gem, Croatia is now becoming known as a popular vacation destination for young travelers and families alike.  Last year I visited Dubrovnik, a small city in the southernmost portion of the country, as well as the capitol, Zagreb.  Because of the beautiful scenery and affordability of Croatia, I decided to return this year to Split for Ultra Music Festival’s first appearance in Europe.  I found Split unique because of its proximity to the coast, as well as being surrounded by a small mountain range, some of which is easily accessible for day hiking from the city.  Within the city, there are a good amount of sites to see during the day, as well as an excellent night life that continues into the early morning.  Split is not only accessible by train and plane, but the harbor also has many ferry routes to Italy and other Croatian islands.


View of Split from Marjan Hill, a park to the west of the city that contains many trails that make for a good day hike.  Also a small bar with couches and benches overlooking this view cannot be missed.


Love the combination of the Balkan architecture and natural vegetation


St. Duje Belltower in central Split.  You can climb it for around 6-8 euro.


St. Duje Bell Tower rising above the buildings of central Split.


Again, love the built vs natural scenery in Split


View of the newly constructed Split promenade that surrounds the harbor


Again the promenade.  A very enjoyable walk around the harbor, with the option to stop along the way at the many small bars and restaurants that are present on the route.


Beautiful house overlooking the Adriatic Sea complete with garden and orchard


One of the rock beaches in Split, to the south of Marjan Hill.  I prefered the rock beaches in Split to the sandy ones, as the water was clearer and the beaches cleaner.


A look at the one of the coastal trails on Marjan Hill


Rooftops of Split


View of Split from the bell tower.  Marjan Hill is at the top of the photo.  Love the sun rays that came through in this picture.


I left Split by ferry to Ancona, Italy.  This was the 2nd time I had taken a ferry across the Adriatic (last year Bari to Dubrovnik), and it was another great experience.  For 20 to 30 euros you can get a deck space on these overnight ferries between the countries, compared to a much much more expensive plane or train ticket if you plan to travel in the region.


I was greeted with a beautiful sunset as our ferry left the harbor.


And again.

While you’re in Split, you must save at least a day and night minimum on the island of Hvar.  The island is about a 1.5 – 2 hour ferry ride from the Split harbor and well worth it.  In terms of natural beauty, I think Hvar beats Split with clearer water and nicer beaches, as well as a noticeable change in atmosphere from busy city to relaxing island getaway.  However, Hvar still as a great night life with many bars and experiences that are unique to its location.


Small harbor in Hvar.  I don’t think the water could look any better.


Center of the town in Hvar.  While small, there are many restaurants as well as a grocery store if you are trying to save money.


Another view of the harbor.  Absolute paradise.


Many other smaller islands are just off the coast of Hvar, some even with private residences.


With the lack of large ferries that commonly reside in Split’s harbor, you can basically swim anywhere in Hvar without the worry of large boats interrupting your swim.

Go to Croatia.  You won’t regret it.

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12 responses to “Split + Hvar

  1. Are you serious sending these pics to us poor slobs who have to look out our window and see nothing!! Anyway, my grandson, you are living an amazing life and I am so happy for you. love, Nana


  2. I’ve seen many pictures about my hometown but yours are really perfect. Maybe you should shoot some more from Marjan hill.

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