Paddleboating in Prague

Ah Prague.  This was my study abroad city, my introduction to Europe, and still what I consider my European home.   After living there for 4 months, I know where all my favorite restaurants are and what dish I will order, what days my favorite bars have their beer specials, and what time of the week the dance club plays 80s music.  After spending that amount of time in place, you come to know it more intimately than you would when just passing through, and it becomes special to you.  Because of that, this post will highlight some of my favorite experiences in Prague, rather than purely showing off the scenic views like the previous posts.   This summer I went back to Prague for the first time in a year, and it was awesome.  I did all of my favorite things that I love about Prague, and hopefully you will be able to do some of them too!


If the weather is warm, you have to get on a paddle boat and take it out onto the Vltava River for an hour or two.  Don’t forget to pack a few drinks, or stop by one of the bars that serve you from your boat.  With live music at a beer garden that can be heard from the water, this is my #1 favorite thing to do in Prague.


The streets of Prague with Namesti Miru church off in the distance.  It seems after every corner you turn, there is an amazing building or landmark for you to travel to.


Every building in Prague has this much detail – it’s amazing.


One of the best things about Prague is the food – not only the taste, but the price as well.  Even as college students, we ate and drank like kings because of the value of the Czech Koruna.  A half liter of the best beer in the world (I think), will cost you about 75 cents to a $1 at a restaurant, while a .25 liter bottle of water, that you can drink in one sip, comes to $2.  With most places not offering tap water, the only logical choice is to enjoy a beer with your delicious meal that is usually based around meat and potatoes.  This particular meal of potato fries and pork steak covered in bacon and onions only cost $7 (and it was amazing).


Ah back to the paddle boats – a personal favorite of mine is opening a bottle of champagne on the river with Prague Castle and Charles Bridge in the background – it really doesn’t get any better (can’t you see how happy I am?).


A closer view of Prague Castle from the boat.  It’s definitely worth a trip up there.  You can also get a great view of the Castle and city from Petrin Hill.  Both are must visits.


Whether you order it at restaurant or buy it from a street vendor, you have made a huge mistake if you leave Prague without eating fried mozzarella cheese. $5


Fried mushrooms stuffed with niva cheese.  They literally melt in your mouth – $3 (and two beers, why not?)


And one more pork meal smothered in bacon and eggs.  Who’s hungry? Only $5 !!


Buildings lining a small portion of the Vltava River.


Another shot of the paddle boats on the river at sunset below the castle.


Staropramen Granat (dark) beer at my favorite beer garden in Prague along the Vltava River.  Live music all day – and yes the performers are awesome.  Being outdoors with live music and a delicious beer is a perfect combination for a great time.


But don’t forget about Prague nightlife.  With cheap drinks and shots that you otherwise wouldn’t purchase on a budget, you’re bound to have a great time.  Don’t leave without trying the absinthe at least once, it’s sure to lead to crazy experiences.

I didn’t visit Old Town Square on this trip, but it is definitely worth seeing, and I will update this post with new pictures when I go back for New Years!  Really hoping to get some snow pictures.

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